Flexible cloud-based POS solution

1. World First

Vend was started with the goal to be the first POS system in the cloud. Vend's cloud-based approach makes it a scalable option for more than 15,000 retailers worldwide.

2. Mobile POS

Vend was built for the iPad first. That means that it's designed for the mobile workforce. Vend's dedication to a cloud-based, mobile solution makes it perfect for retailers that want to be there for their customers.

3. Beyond Sales

With features for inventory management, E-commerce, and customer loyalty, Vend makes it easy to manage and grow your business in the cloud.


It all started 6 years ago with a guy with a dream. Vend was the first point of sale to the cloud. First point of sale on the iPad. And that was just the beginning. We have 15,000+ stores across 140+ countries. Vend is retail POS software, that has inventory management, E-commerce & customer loyalty for iPad, Mac and PC. Easily manage & grow your business in the cloud.


Does it fit you?
Sales Volume: $100k +
Stores: 1 to 10
Highlights: Cloud based, easy product imports, great usability, built-in E-commerce, works on most hardware, easy to learn, lots of Add-Ons to expand functionality. Works offline.


Vend makes it easy to sell. Whether you're using a web-based POS on Mac or PC, or our Vend Register iPad app, you can create a beautiful store with gift card, credit card integration, and offline mode.


Vend makes it easy to manage your inventory and other areas of your business. Grow your customer list, track purchase history, check account balances, or use our tools to count your inventory.


Get a real-time update on how your stores are performing with our mobile dashboard. Vend Reporting is customizable to give you valuable business insights in your pocket.


Vend's cloud-based system helps retailers effortlessly grow their business. Whether you're looking to add more registers, or launch a new store, Vend has you covered.

Vend's Point of Sale System

Vend will run on an iPad, Mac or PC with the Chrome or Safari Browser. Vend's Point of Sale system will help you easily track your products and inventory, customer loyalty and give you real time reporting so you can know how your business is doing. Vend can work with a wide variety of peripherals including touch screen monitors. Vend has a number of product Add-ons that integrate seamlessly to allow you employee and service scheduling, loyalty, golf scheduling and MORE.


Features of VEND Point of Sale Software System

Cloud-Based: Allows you to log in and work from anywhere

Any Device: All you need is a web-browser

Online & Offline: Vend works when your internet doesn't

And much more!!!