Are you a Merchant of Change?

A good friend of mine once said to me “Scott, I admire how you are not afraid to fall!” The backstory to this compliment was more are response to how bad at Snowboarding I was at the time, but the quote resonated with me and I have carried this challenge of not being afraid to fall to myself and the retailers I work with.
Being a “Merchant of Change” to me is the very definition of a successful retailer in today’s marketplace. There really is no place for independent retailers that are satisfied with the Status Quo! Change is a requirement to keep our customers engaged and for each of us to remain relevant. Change can be fun and not being afraid to fall is your ticket to success and sustainability.
Ask yourself some key questions about your business to determine if you are a “Merchant of Change”:
Are you actively testing new classes of merchandise in your stores?
Do you have clear and accurate measurement for the new merchandise and classes you are testing?
Do you actively follow your customers social activity looking for opportunities to keep them in your store with new offerings?
Are your staff eager to test and get behind new products?
Are you willing to try new products that may be outside of your’s or your staff’s comfort zone?
Test – Measure – decide – repeat 🙂 … The word curate best describes our role as successful retailers today. The best curators create incredible value and relevance for their customers and that comes from being “Merchants of Change”.

Scott Smith, Retail Coach
The success of independent retailers has become a lifelong passion for Scott. From his beginnings almost 30 years ago working on the sales floor in a small outdoor store, to today where he is a friend, partner, mentor and coach to so many incredible retailers around the world. Empowering retailers to truly take control of their businesses creates a ripple effect of positivity and happiness with employees, family and community. Retailers are so often the unsung heroes of our communities. It takes great courage and skill to survive in today’s retail business landscape. Scott has found true happiness serving retailers and assisting them in that path to ongoing success.