Retail Coaching

Canadian Retail Solutions CEO launches The Wealthy Retailer™

Canadian Retail Solutions CEO, Dan Holman launches The Wealthy Retailer™. A company dedicated to creating retail “wealth” for independent retailers throughout North America. When asked why, Holman responded “I have spent more than 25 years on the bipolar roller coaster of entrepreneurialism. Through that time, I have recognized my own peaks and valleys follow the very…

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7 Tips to Sales Success

7 Tips to Sales Success #1:  Building the “Buyer-Seller” Relationship.  You need to develop a better understanding of the buying process that customers actually follow – the real decisions they make, and when they are made. Then you need to match your sales process with the customer’s buying process.  When this is done, you begin…

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Are you over-invested?

Are you over invested? I was recently reminded of the concept of “Sunk Cost Bias” and how this state of mind is so relevant to how we sometimes function as retailers. Sunk Cost Bias is when our decisions are tainted by the emotional time, effort and in many cases money we have put into a…

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