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Sharing holiday predictions, more holiday sales ideas and getting through the tough headlines to make your retail store better

Retailers getting prepared for the extended holiday season this year. Deloitte has released a new Holiday 2020 outlook, Dan shares his thoughts on that. The closing of Le Chateau: is this right sizing and does it represent more opportunities when things turn around?  More sales ideas! – We liked the ideas that Dan shared last […]

Little time left to get holiday online ready, Black Friday sales ideas, celebrating small business and tips on closing sales

It’s coming up on holiday online go time. Are you ready…..are you really ready? Dan shares a few Black Friday ideas this week and they are three great ones! If you’re in small business, this is your week. A great reminder, a great time for everyone to remember what drives our economy and what needs […]

Avoiding the gimmick in experiential sales, Bay day troubles, danger pay and Amazon prime days and their effect on small retail

It’s time to focus more on experiential retail that is not gimicky and unsustainable. Hudsons Bay is in some eviction trouble, what effect does this have on the malls they are in and the balance of their retail tenants? As Covid cases continue to rise, the conversation around higher pay begins again for frontline workers. […]

Getting ahead of the new lifestyle buying wave, the appearance of cheap rent, the future of co-ops and go time for the 84 days of Christmas

Thoughts to get ahead of the new lifestyle buying wave. We chatted about those retailers that have recognized that this is not a blip and are pivoting to change the way they do business are winning. After the recent court ruling on the MEC sale, we discuss what the future of Co-op’s look like. It’s […]

Finding the data to grow your store, safety starts with great engagement, looking to the 4th quarter and more

Great discussion this week with our guest host, Scott Smith! We discussed stories like: Why is data king for struggling retailers post-COVID? Historically, data has been a retailer’s pain point. Many lack the time, the staff, and funds to track, analyze, and utilize it but it is an excellent opportunity for sustained business growth. Scott […]

Opportunities for your own version of shark tank, the subscription box for the big local haul and more

A local makers story – your own little shark tank in your store. It catches many of us. Is perfect the enemy of your progress? A great story out of the East coast, The Community HAUL, a story about local vendors and producers coming together to subscription box local. Getting through the obstacles of digitizing […]

BOPIS more for your store, brand's brick and mortar brand building, some indie truths and staffing for the holidays.

How are you and your store doing with BOPIS? – Buy Online, Pick Up in-Store. We discuss the benefits of additional purchases with this approach. We’re watching and discussing Major Brands going head to head with Major Retailers and the battle for Direct to Consumer. How does that affect you? What does staffing look like […]

Are you ready for the independent retailers opportunities in pop-ups, the joy and frustration of retail staycation products, why cash is king and the battle of the e-commerce buttons.

This week we dive into the ups and downs of retail staycation products, opportunities for independent retailers in pop-ups, the growth of cannabis stores (and lack thereof), a focus on why cash is king and the battle of the e-commerce buttons. The Wealthy Retailer is hosted by Dan Holman. Join him as they discuss all […]

Online security challenge, increasing foot traffic and the plans you need to make you grow

It’s a challenge we need to find the balance in. What can retailers do to bring more security and confidence to online shoppers? A great discussion on planning for your brand, increasing digital AND foot traffic and your merchandising focus. Facebook stickiest source of revenue….what does that mean to you. An interesting talk about a […]