Canadian Retail Solutions Expanding Its Product Line

Canadian Retail Solutions, Inc. (CRS) announces the expansion of its Point of Sale (POS) product line to include Counterpoint, an integrated POS system developed by the industry-leading Radiant Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: RADS).
“As the only nationwide dealer in Canada to provide Counterpoint, we are excited to see many operational benefits such as increased ability to work from a consultative position; matching our clients’ needs to the software that’s right for them,” said Shawn Dillon, Operations Manager at CRS. “Adopting Counterpoint allows us to effectively increase customization and elevate the level of service; ultimately it will enhance the overall customer experience for our clients.”
Counterpoint allows retailers to increase revenue through extremely reliable and easy to use profit-growing features. Counterpoint is fully customizable to virtually any retail vertical, it is backed by hands-on personalized training and service, and it is a remarkably affordable investment.
“Counterpoint is an exciting addition to CRS’s expanding product line,” said Scott Smith, General Manager at CRS. “By working closely with our clients to best understand their needs, the custom solutions we provide better equip the operators to harness the power of the hardware and software for their business. Counterpoint provides our clients with an integrated solution for efficiently managing inventory control, sales tracking, purchase ordering, customer data and a host of additional features.”
About Canadian Retail Solutions, Inc.
Headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, Canadian Retail Solutions, Inc. is one of the nation’s largest providers of innovative POS solutions to small and mid-sized Canadian retailers operating in a multi-store environment. For nearly two decades, CRS‘s leading point of sale hardware, software and inventory control solutions have helped many leading national retail chains such as Oakley, Helly Hansen, Swarovski, and Hockey Life provide amazing customer experiences. The retail solutions provider has managed thousands of installations for many unique environments including retail stores, boutiques, parks, arenas, stadiums, cinemas, convenience stores, fuel centers and other customer-service venues. CRS offers System Consultation, Sales, Training, and Technical Support and it has Sales and Technical representation in Vancouver, Toronto, and Edmonton with additional representation opening soon in Montreal, Quebec.
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