Customer Loyalty Should be EARNED, Not BOUGHT


Customer Loyalty should be earned not BOUGHT!!

When you “Google” the word loyal, the definition is:
‘Giving or showing firm and constant support or allegiance to a person, institution or brand’.

Loyalty is genuinely having their best interests at heart and ensuring that relationship is reciprocal. So, before we add expense to our business building or adding a loyalty program that will more than likely try to BUY loyalty rather than earn it, lets ask ourselves – “How do we inspire a strong feeling of support or allegiance from both our external and internal customers?” Buying customer loyalty is fine as long as you’re willing to lose them to a higher bidder… Hence why loyalty should not be bought, but rather EARNED!.

Let’s think about how we inspire loyalty with our team or employees. They become loyal through inclusion, recognition, respect, they make a difference and of course trust. Why do we treat or think about customers differently?

Dan shares some great points for two CRS partners; Shopify and Comarch. Download the white papers here:

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