Helping retailers through the winter, partnerships you need to pursue and Moneyball math you will want to focus on.

How can you help independent stores through the winter and holiday season and more importantly, how can they help themselves?
Story on retail partnerships you’ll want to check out. Opportunities are there with the partnerships, Dan discusses what you need to do to take advantage of them.
It’s fun to call Dan Mr. Moneyball sometimes, he loves numbers and be sure to listen in as he shares some retail math that you’ll want to hear.
It’s here, we’re dealing with it, the second wave of shutdowns, Dan shares his thoughts on how governments are dealing with the issue and ways you can ensure your voice is heard when and where it needs to be.
The Wealthy Retailer is hosted by Dan Holman. Join him as they discuss all important topics in the retail industry. He chats with retail experts, retail owners and more.
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