How to Get the Most out of Your POS Reports

Understanding your Point of Sale System Reports

How do you, as a retailer, take the information from your POS reports about where you are and use it to chart a path to where you want to go?
Imagine that you’re walking through a mall, and you need to find a particular store. You wander over to a large mall directory map, just like the one near the entrance every other mall. As you look at the map, you become confused…
The entire map is white.
There is a single dot in the middle that says, “You are here”.
Sometimes, this is what reports from your Point of Sale system can feel like. It is easy enough to run a report that tells you that your sales are down, or that your inventory is too high. But then what?
How much inventory do you need? How can you improve sales? What steps are required to grow? There are all of these questions and more.
If you don’t understand how to use the retail point of sale reports that are available to you, and need to know more about what they are telling you then contact Canadian Retail Solutions to schedule some training. We can provide training that can range from basic inventory management to full retail consulting.

Shawn Dillon is the Chief Technical Officer at CRS. He has been involved in hundreds of retail installations and has worked in the IT industry for over 20 years, with independent companies as well as government agencies.