Leverage Your Customer List

The Customer Loyalty Investment – Leverage Your Customer List
Guest Post by: Rory Fatt (Royalty Rewards)
Last week I talked about viewing your customer information as one of your greatest business asset’s. One reason you need your customer’s information is so you can contact them on a regular basis and start building a relationship with them. The customer list is your foundation to create the “secret sauce” which is a strong relationship with your customers. See people just prefer to buy from people they know and like. As you are building relationship with them you can also start marketing to them.
Did you know it is far easier and cheaper to get an existing customer to come back to your store than it is to get a new customer? More importantly, surveys have shown that customers, who have shopped in your store even just once, will spend on average, twice as much as first time customers.
To start building that relationship you need to touch (contact) your customers at least every 21 days. Ideally you should be contacting your customer 24 to 30 times a year.
What information do you need to collect to contact your customers on a regular basis? The answer is collect whatever you need to make it easy and effective to contact your customers. To get started you need:

  1. Customer’s complete name
  2. Customer’s complete address
  3. Customer’s phone number
  4. Customer’s email address

Additional information that you will find very helpful is:

  • Customer’s fax number if they have one
  • Customer’s purchase history or purchase habits. (I.E. do they come to the store every month, to purchase products at regular price or do you only see the customer on sales days?)
  • Customer’s Birthday

With this valuable information you have the building blocks to build relationships with your customers and market your business to create retail profits. Remember one of the main ingredients for the Secret Sauce for Your business is to have a strong relationship with your customers.
CRS is proud to offer a series of guest posts to our Blog written by Rory Fatt a leader in the field of Customer Loyalty. Rory Fatt is a member of the Royalty Rewards team, a leading Customer Loyalty program with proven results! Rory is passionate about helping retailers tap into the goldmine that is their customer list in order to increase Customer Loyalty and help businesses succeed.
If you are interested in learning more about how to leverage your customer list to increase your bottom line let us know! CRS will be hosting a Webinar with Royalty Rewards on September 22, 2010 and we would love for you to join us! Email CRS today to reserve your spot, spaces are limited.