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A program for retailers to check out, fulfillment options, the state of retail in 2021, key retail metrics and more

We kicked it off with an interesting story about a new $25 million grant program for retailers. Dan shares some thoughts on why this Barterpay program is worth checking out. Big question posed. Why you should start (or buy) a fulfillment by Amazon Business in 2021. Dan reviews the pain points you might be experiencing […]

Time for a counterpunch, 6 trends to boost your e-commerce, retail collaboration, delivery options and a focus on cashflow.

Here’s a headline that we like to see: store openings are outpacing closures in 2021.An interesting story about the Top 6 Trends for Boosting Your E-commerce. Within the story are some great reminders and tips of things you need to consider for your e-commerce offering.A story about merchants collaborating together for their shared success and […]

The positive impact of local dollars, covid buying habits, bravery to start up, shrinkage and more

  Some great stuff on the Wealthy Retailer podcast this week. We discussed a story about where Canadians spent the most money during COVID-19 pandemic. More importantly, we talked about what it looks like for the next six months and how retailers can adjust and plan for this. Dan really emphasizes the power of local […]

Ideas for your store to be digitally found as well as innovation and transparency towards retail success

How digitally ‘found’ is your store. Our first story discussed this week included making sure that your retail store is Hyperpublished among other activities you need to focus on. We enjoyed a story about a young entrepreneur and how she has started and discussed how there are so many ways to start in retail now. […]

20 for 21 – the key points you'll need to undertake for the most successful 2021 possible. Part One

Thanks for joining us. Dan Holman, the Wealthy Retailer, shares the 20 key points you’ll need to undertake for the most successful 2021 possible.  From Content creation, to clarity breaks, to profit planning and more. These are the things you’ll need to focus on for 2021.  The Wealthy Retailer is hosted by Dan Holman. Join […]

Do You Know How Much You Are Paying For New Customers?

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on July 4, 2014 and was updated on January 20, 2016. The cost of new customer acquisition If you have ever watched Dragon’s Den, you are familiar with what happens when an entrepreneur doesn’t know his numbers. If Kevin O’Leary catches someone ill-prepared, you know you’re about to […]

The Balancing Act

Selection, Service & Price In a recent discussion with our General Manager and Management One Winning@Retail consultant, Scott Smith, we discussed the discomfort that many retailers feel when thinking about the reality of the proliferation of Big Box retailers in the Canadian retail space. The reality is that independent retail can prepare itself for competition […]