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Management One’s Dane Cohen brings to the conversation his wealth of experience in fashion, wholesale, and the retail industry.

Listen in to this week’s podcast as Dan talks one and one with Management One’s Dane Cohen covering the topics that are important to you, the independent retailer.  Dane brings more than a decade of experience in the fashion, wholesale, and retail industry to the Management One team. Independent retail is in his blood as […]

Talking with Matt Hewson of Barterpay and how retailers can benefit from the opportunity of barter

Do you know what Barterpay is? You need to listen to this podcast to learn all of the ins and outs about using Barterpay for the benefit of your retail business! Dan chats one on one with Matt Hewson and there are so many great things to learn about this new opportunity.  More about Matt: […]

Marc Beerling of The Plans, focused on retail blueprints for today’s retailer

A great retail conversation with Marc Beerling this week. Marc is a retailer with 15 years experience in retail. In 2005, he started his own store after 3 years managing someone else’s, in a small Canadian city. Offering Mens and Ladies Contemporary as well as Lifestyle, Denim and Footwear, over the years he grew the […]

Positive results of your social impact story, retailer comebacks, vaccine legislation and back to school spending

How do you best tell your brand or store’s social impact story? Dan reviews the ideas around being authentic in your philanthropic pursuits for the benefit of your community, you and your business.  The inside story of COVID-crushed small businesses and their comeback hopes. We know the challenges and this articles dives into the stories […]

Retailers can’t ignore this topic any longer, cleaning time and the need for retail cyber insurance

A topic that retailers cannot ignore for much longer – Afterpay is helping Canadian retailers grow their e-commerce businesses and Dan shares his thoughts.  Cleaning time. How much time and energy is needed to invest in this area and what are the implications of not doing so?  Is cyber insurance needed for retailers? A great […]

Helpful tips for your start up retail, inventory planning and steps to build a great retail vision

The retailer questions had been piling up so Dan took the opportunity to answer three of them in this week’s podcast.Some informative insight for the independent retailer with questions and answers about tips for a start-up menswear retailer (which really could be any retailer), more details on inventory planning and some tips for building your […]

The opportunities in retail as a service, infrastructure support for your e-commerce and a toy store experience.

Are you up to date on RAAS? Retail as a Service, may be a little more challenging for some to grasp so we dove into that topic this week and chatted about that story. With the changing landscape of E-Commerce we shared a story about how it needs infrastructural support to expand. And finally, a […]