Making your store the go to, relaunching a dormant brand, e-commerce trends, a comeback expansion

Is your store the go to?! Our first story this week talked about how businesses, to become the go to for their customers, must serve their customers needs better than anyone else in the market.
We found this one really interesting, a young entrepreneur who re-launched a dormant boutique store that she had worked at before. Why she did do that instead of starting anew formed part of the discussion.
A story about retail trends in E-commerce this year, including a part about Dark Stores. What’s that you ask? Join in for the listen!
Really fun story about a chain expanding into Canada and the grass roots story about how these fellows started their very first store after losing their job and had to start with virtually nothing but a few bucks and their talents.
Let’s not forget our retail question of the week as well. Great one this week as Dan was asked about return policies and how that should be approached.
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All of that and more so be sure to listen.
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