Out of Office = Energy, Objectivity, and a Reignited Passion

Why should you take a vacation? This may seem like a “DUH” question, but the truth is, too many entrepreneurs, especially retail entrepreneurs don’t take enough time away from their business to reenergize, regain objectivity and reignite their passion. We are consumed with what we want and need OR what we are missing and not achieving; we keep our heads down and try to push forward – that push forward is often against what seems like a brick wall or as we learn from EOS, a glass ceiling… Vacation (or any time off for that matter) is not about gaining clarity as we know in our retail world, clarity comes from action not disconnection. This is all about rejuvenation of your mindset. And, rewarding yourself for putting it all on the line every day!

As a life-long serial entrepreneur, I have used every excuse imaginable not to take time away from my business. Every “vacation” I have ever taken includes work time, email, and text responses and too often trying to run my business from a far. And while I still might be looking at the odd email or sending a smile or thumbs up to a text or slack message – I am mostly disconnected from my business and my team, and I have this enormous sense of comfort that I have never had being away. AND I am excited to get back with renewed determination to crush my (and your) goals!

So, how did this happen? Some will say it is because I am letting go of the vine (another EOSism) but the truth is, I let go of the vine a LONG time ago; while I was IN the office not while I was away. My team is empowered, accountable and scoring goals for themselves and their teammates every day. This comes from a culture of ownership, clarity and being fully supported by their leadership team and each other.

Here are 3 tips to help you switch on your “out of office” light….

#1. Empower you team to make decisions today. Support their decisions with positive criticism guiding them to become better critical thinkers, acting on behalf or in favour of the lifetime value of your customer and then your business. Never in any other order!!

#2. Hold yourself accountable to getting your to dos to done! You must stop procrastinating – it is the enemy of all success. Vacations don’t happen for the unsuccessful in our world. Create your own accountabilities and demonstrate this to your team. Remember, as you go, they go.

#3. Recognize this; all your sh!t will be there waiting for you when you get back. Only now you will have a renewed and probably healthier perspective and what you thought was a big issue is now just an everyday opportunity to be a little better.

You need to take time away from your business if you are going to have any chance of taking it to the next level.

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