Payment Processing Systems to Comply with PA-DSS (PABP)

PA-DSS (PABP) Changing Retail Payment Process
As the premier Point of Sale (POS) and Inventory Management Software provider in Canada, Canadian Retail Solutions Inc. monitors the issues that affect retailers in Canada. Currently there is a movement to increase security standards in relation to debit and credit card processing systems. We want to help you understand how this will affect you, and let you know how we are responding. This article is the second in a series intended to help you, as a retailer, understand the implications of these changes to your credit card and payment processing systems.
What do PA-DSS and PABP Stand For?
PA-DSS – Payment Application – Data Security Standard
PABP – Payment Application Best Practices
What is PA-DSS (PABP) Compliance?
PA-DSS (Also known as PABP) is a security standard being introduced to the payment card industry by PCI, the Security Standards Council. The purpose of PA-DSS is to serve in validating your payment application software for use in your operations. This typically takes place between your Point of Sale Software (example: Retail Pro) and your debit and credit card payment processors software.
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If you use your computer to process debit and/or credit card transactions you will be required to use PA-DSS compliant applications in Canada by July 1, 2010.
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