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July 2024

What’s New With Us?

Success at RCC Store 24

Priority Software and CRS Attended Canada’s LARGEST Retail Conference in Toronto

Back on May 28th and May 29th, Ivan Moreta – Sales Manager at Canadian Retail Solutions – joined up with Yariv Chaba of the Priority Software team to attend the RCC Store 24 conference in Toronto, Ontario! This is known as Canada’s LARGEST retail conference and some of the biggest names in Canadian retail were in attendance! 

This was the first time both our team and the team at Priority came to this event and it was quite the experience! It was an amazing opportunity for retailers and industry professionals alike to connect with different businesses of all types, and it was really great to see like-minded individuals all gathered together in one place with the same goal in mind – improve the business! It was also a good opportunity for retailers to learn and explore market behaviors based on the experts and their best practices, making this both a valuable networking and learning experience for not only the attending retailers but our team, as well! 

If you haven’t attended the RCC Store conference before, we highly recommend doing so in the future! This annual event provides retailers with all kinds of useful tools and advice on how to improve internal operations and increase sales! Not only that, but the wide variety of exhibitors that also attend the event give retailers a range of different solutions that improve their day-to-day – solutions retailers may not even realize exist in the first place!

Last Chance to Take Advantage of the Retail Pro Amnesty Promotion

This Offer to Save THOUSANDS on Reinstatement Costs Expires July 31st

From now until July 31st, Retail Pro users with expired Software Assurance can take advantage of THOUSANDS of dollars in savings thanks to the Retail Pro Amnesty Promotion! 
Typically, when a user is looking to get back on active SA after letting it expire, a reinstatement fee is implemented based on the number of months the user has been expired for. This fee is on top of the annual software assurance fee and can become quite a hefty bill. 
The Retail Pro Amnesty Promotion eliminates the reinstatement fees when users purchase a minimum of 1 year of active software assurance! 
In addition, users purchasing more than 1 year of active software assurance have the added savings of the multi-year SA promotion!

The Value of a Retail Operations Partner

Article by Canadian Retail Solutions

Experts in retail tech to help the independent retailer with their day to day business

The obvious question – what exactly is a “retail operations partner”? When googled, there’s no clear definition or role that explains what this means. 

The same could be said when we try to define Canadian Retail Solutions. We handle so many different avenues of retail technology, there really is no clear definition to who we are that embodies everything we do. How do you define a company that handles point-of-sale systems, data integrations, and training, as well as all of the necessary software specific to each retailers needs, who can also purchase, provision and warranty all of your retail hardware, in addition to supporting all of the above? And that’s not even everything… 

With no clear identifying term or definition in existence, we took matters into our own hands and created our own identifying term as your Retail Operations Partner – three simple, yet all encompassing words that summarize who Canadian Retail Solutions is. 

If you don’t already have a retail operations partner, we can’t stress enough how valuable one can be to your business growth. We can go on for pages upon pages on the reasons why an ROP is so valuable to a retailer, but we won’t do that to you. Instead, we’ll give you the top three and the rest you can find out for yourself! 

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