Increase Customer Loyalty and Shopper Frequency with FIND

Not all shoppers are equal. Some are Loyalists who buy consistently from you. Some are infrequent and inconsistent. So how do you move infrequent Shoppers to be: Loyal Shoppers, while keeping your existing Loyal Shoppers happy?

You need a profitable, engaging and easy to use loyalty solution.

FIND is the solution you need.


Faster Turns. Less Markdowns. Higher Profits.


Of sales come from your Loyal Shoppers


Of sales come from your infrequent Shoppers.


Of complaints come from your Infrequent Shoppers.

Your New Loyalty Solution

FIND is a mobile solution that enables you to create and operate a profitable and engaging loyalty program with a highly affordable and powerful mobile app.

Turn Infrequent Shoppers into consistent high-spending Loyal Shoppers

Run your loyalty program both in-store and online. It's omnichannel friendly.

Enjoy an easy to use system. No Need for expensive software technicians.

Launch your loyalty program in 7 days or less.


Faster Turns. Less Markdowns. Higher Profits.

Collect purchasing data to personalize your shoppers' experience with our powerful Recommendation Engine.

Connect stagnant merchandise with likely shoppers to liquidate costly inventory without jeopardizing margins.