Why Knowledge is Key to Closing Sales

I had a really interesting thing happen to me when I was working the sales floor with one of my retailers. We had this woman and she came in and she was on a mission, she was looking for a very specific product that we had in stock. She came in and she knew more about it than we did, than anybody on the sales staff or the sales floor, or even in the entire company knew about it. She was so educated about this product, about the brand, about what it did, about its features and attributes and its benefits.
Data has never been more easily available than it is now. So I want to challenge you to best serve your specialty independent retail customers and make them loyal to you by knowing just as much, if not more than what they do about the products that they’re so crazy about.
You might be asking yourself “why do I need to learn and understand so much about these products that I sell?” Today’s customer is more curious than ever before and we’re finding a tendency of our customers to really care about what products are made out of, how they’re manufactured, where they’re coming from, and even more about the brands that produce them, and some of the service and the warranties that kind of guarantee the purchase after the customer leaves your store.
So do yourself a favour and learn about the products that you’re selling in your store and be really proud about why you select them, why they’re on your shelves, and why you carry them and why you support them as a retailer. I think that you’ll see some good results and some happy customers out of it.
Check out the video below to see why Retail Coach, Carrie believes knowledge is key to closing sales.