Canadian Retail Solutions Inc. And Management One ® Announce Affiliation

Canadian Retail Solutions Inc., an expert in POS Software, and Management One ® Retail have joined forces in Canada with the official announcement of Scott Smith’s (General Manager at Canadian Retail Solutions) qualification as a Management One affiliate and retail consultant for Canadian retailers; Bringing industry leading planning solutions and best of breed technology together.
“CRS has dedicated over twenty years to the success of independent retailers in Canada and this affiliation with the Management One retail consulting program represents one of the most significant and exciting developments in our history!” says Scott Smith, General Manager of CRS and newly appointed Management One ® affiliate. “We are extremely pleased to bring Management One® Winning@Retail™ process to Canada with CRS. The powerful guidance those two recognized leaders can bring to a retail business promises to be legendary.” Evan Wise, Managing Director, Management One®.
CRS will now offer a wide range of Retail Consulting services built on this incredibly successful Management One proprietary program. Part of this service being the Winning@Retail system which accurately forecasts sales helping manage inventory and control the cash position for the independent retailer. The Winning@Retail planning program has a history of 94% accuracy in forecasting, giving independent retailers a distinct edge over their competition and a level playing field to compete and win against the big box stores.
The Affiliation between these two organizations is truly exciting news for Canadian Retailers and unique in that it brings two critical levels of expertise with one point of contact; An expert retail consultant with a state of the art inventory planning and Open to Buy management program as well as state of the art Point Of Sale software solutions and support.
“Retailers are good pickers and great sellers. Way too often they lack cash at the end of the season. The Winning@Retail™ process from Management One® implemented by CRS, a recognized leader in POS provides the budgeting, inventory and cash management and support to make sure there is ample cash in the business. More than you can imagine!” Evan Wise, Managing Director, Management One®.
“A true understanding of your retail business’s strengths and weaknesses can only be achieved by measurement, combining the ability of your POS system at retrieving critical information and the power of planning and forecasting with a trusted retail consultant is in our opinion the MOST powerful way to not only measure but guarantee ongoing and sustainable success” says Scott Smith.
For more information on this new retail industry affiliation in Canada, or to schedule an meeting with the Scott Smith in the CRS Retail Consulting department please call 1–800-725–6810 or email


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