Windows and Webstores

Windows and Webstores
The timeless art of window dressing for many of us in Retail is a very passionate affair! The power of that perfectly executed window display that draws in eager shoppers, who race directly to your closest member of staff with that sweet line “Where can I find that shirt in your window display?” aaaaah… The sweet smell of success! A well-executed window display, with the right mix of product, colour, creative design and interesting themes can make all the difference to the traffic flow of a store…competition is fierce for your potential customers attention!
Today’s message is one of shifted power, from the once omnipotent window display now rises it’s conqueror, THE WEB STORE! Like a Roman gladiator this powerful beast has morphed from the ever present world of “Shopping online” to its new position of dominance, PRE-SHOPPING ONLINE. With almost 90% of all shoppers today looking first at the websites that carry the products they are interested in, the real window display today is the retailer’s web presence. Bricks and Mortar stores can no longer sit back and compete in a single channel! Great windows, great staff and great products are always the benchmark but today a great web presence is the key.
Retailer Must Do’s:
*Translate your vision and unique offering to the web with your website!
*Allow perspective customers to browse your products before they decided to travel to the store with your Web store or Social Media Store.
*Build a relationship (courting if you will) with your customers through Social Media Marketing initiatives like Facebook, Twitter and Google +
*Invest and find ways to reach your customers with Search Engine Optimization and online advertising.
The Good News! As we move further into this critical courtship with customers, help is readily available. Canadian Retail Solutions has a number of product offerings designed to help retailers promote and translate that passion for their bricks and mortar stores to the web. With great offers like Wishpond to help you launch your store on Facebook , advice on POS integrations and Retail Ecommerce solutions, including easy to use online web store products and SEO services with key strategies to get your store recognized on the web, CRS is a one stop shop for all of your multichannel marketing needs.
There will always be a “special place” for the customer passionately running towards you screaming for the direction of those items in the window, but now is the time to make sure that same passion comes for those excited by your online “windows”.