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Top Ten Reasons why now is the time to upgrade your POS

Technology changes so quickly these days. It seems every three months something new and exciting is coming out and we are all struggling to play catch up. These changes in technology also affect your POS software – are you up to date? Here are the top ten reasons why now is the time to update […]

10 Most Common Mistakes When Buying a POS System

You already have enough on your plate; worrying about customers, organizing your staff, dealing with suppliers, purchasing, receiving…not to mention the time you spend trying to answer the tough questions about the health of your business. Do you know your number one performing vendor, or your top 50 selling items? Who are your most reliable […]

More new products for CRS Platinum Members!

There are tons of new features on the New CRS Platinum Members site CRS is excited to announce a new and improved Platinum Support Members web site. This site will contain many great tools and products to assist your business like… – Training Videos – Core Updates and Software – A User Forum – A […]

Canadian Retail Solutions Expanding Its Product Line

Canadian Retail Solutions, Inc. (CRS) announces the expansion of its Point of Sale (POS) product line to include Counterpoint, an integrated POS system developed by the industry-leading Radiant Systems, Inc. (Nasdaq: RADS). “As the only nationwide dealer in Canada to provide Counterpoint, we are excited to see many operational benefits such as increased ability to […]

Retail Pro Integrated Payment Processing

Attention all Retail Pro® users! Canadian Retail Solutions has partnered with Tender Retail and Moneris to provide new and innovative, state-of-the-art payment processing software for your business operations. This exciting new product allows you to: * Seamlessly integrate between your Retail Pro® POS system and the Moneris Payment Processing Service to complete Debit and Credit […]