POS Systems

Point of Sale Must Haves

CRS - Merchandise Planning

Looking for a point of sale system is a critical challenge. A Cash Register will allow you to ring through sales but today your POS needs to do much more than that. What are the key features that you need to run your business? If you’re new to the POS world here are Point of Sale Must Haves.…

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Why some retailers shine with their POS software

We have been installing and supporting retail software for a long time now, and we have had the pleasure of working with many companies during our almost 30 years in business. During that time, we have seen companies thrive with their POS software while others barely use theirs. Here are 5 ways to excel with…

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7 Tips to Sales Success

7 Tips to Sales Success #1:  Building the “Buyer-Seller” Relationship.  You need to develop a better understanding of the buying process that customers actually follow – the real decisions they make, and when they are made. Then you need to match your sales process with the customer’s buying process.  When this is done, you begin…

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