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Marc Beerling of The Plans, focused on retail blueprints for today’s retailer

A great retail conversation with Marc Beerling this week. Marc is a retailer with 15 years experience in retail. In 2005, he started his own store after 3 years managing someone else’s, in a small Canadian city. Offering Mens and Ladies Contemporary as well as Lifestyle, Denim and Footwear, over the years he grew the […]

The Retail Math behind successful retailing!

Listen to this podcast and more on your favourite platform like Apple, Spotify or Google. Retail MATH: Learn the math behind successful retailing: Find out how MarkUP and MarkDOWN affects your bottom line; How does Sell-Through really get measured and what does it say about your buying habits; How does Stock-To-Sales impact my CASH FLOW. […]

12 Steps to take your retail business to the next level from the Wealthy Retailer!

Award-winning Retail Coach, Dan Holman guides you through the 12 key steps you’ll need to climb to take your store and your business to the next level. Learn step-by-step how create a customer driven culture, identify with your target market, merchandise your stores to SELL and create the necessary cash flow to maneuver in today’s […]

Immersive storytelling for your store, campaigns against fast purchase culture and more

For the benefit of your retail store, we’ve got a story about immersive story telling and how you can inject that into your store’s narrative. Great little story about a campaign built around being an antidote to the fast-purchase culture of black Friday, all in the effort of supporting the independents. A big pay jump […]

Five emerging retail trends for the coming year, customer experience in payments, the data you need and more

Get ready for the conversation around five key emerging retail trends to watch in 2022 and beyond. How is your omnichannel payment experience for your customers. We chatted about ensuring your payment processes are ready for all customers.  If you like data, we dive into some charts for Retail sales in Canada and Dan talks […]

The retail comeback, overcoming widespread inventory bottlenecks and the areas of focus in your retail store design.

Interesting chat around the story about the Canadian sale of 81 Toys R Us stores. What retail executives are saying about the widespread bottleneck in supply chains and what you and your store can do to overcome this issue. The story of Amazon planning their own boutique department stores and and interesting conversation about the […]

Positive results of your social impact story, retailer comebacks, vaccine legislation and back to school spending

How do you best tell your brand or store’s social impact story? Dan reviews the ideas around being authentic in your philanthropic pursuits for the benefit of your community, you and your business.  The inside story of COVID-crushed small businesses and their comeback hopes. We know the challenges and this articles dives into the stories […]

Retailers can’t ignore this topic any longer, cleaning time and the need for retail cyber insurance

A topic that retailers cannot ignore for much longer – Afterpay is helping Canadian retailers grow their e-commerce businesses and Dan shares his thoughts.  Cleaning time. How much time and energy is needed to invest in this area and what are the implications of not doing so?  Is cyber insurance needed for retailers? A great […]