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Retail stats to build on, protecting your business from the next disaster and dealing with burnout

Do you like stats? We’ve got them on this episode…and so much more. This week we discussed a story about retail statistics and some numbers you should know.  Great story about six ways to protect your business from the next disaster and we talked about these points and how your retail store can be better […]

Less need for discount sales, feel good retail spending on the rise and lots on direct to consumer

There’s some great reasons why consumers are not seeing as many ‘sales’ these days. It’s not bad news at all and Dan dives into the topic to share his thoughts.  As things begin to really open up, we’re really seeing that ‘Feel good’ spending is on the rise.  A DTC conversation as Dan shares his […]

Community wins for retailers, shrinkage in the retail footprint and tips for hiring the best staff

Retailers embracing their role as community stewards to succeed in the next normal was our first conversation on this week’s podcast. Dan shares his thoughts on the importance of your retail position within the community.  While the retail scene is starting to show new signs of life, there’s ‘shrinkage’ in the footprints and a new […]

Sharing strong opinions, retail workforce changes for the good and the excitement over retail growth

As a retailer, do you share your opinion on many things socially? Dan shares his thoughts on this story that talks about the author’s view of how careful businesses need to be about the causes they align with.From the big retailers to the independents, we discussed a story about how the retail workforce has changed […]

The future of retail and who it belongs to, retail’s declining rents and time for a private label

Listen on Anchor, Apple Podcasts, or Spotify. The stories, conversations and advice for the independent retailer. Thanks for joining us. Our first story this week… we discussed why the future of retail belongs to those who make the best decisions. Some strong points made in this story that you’ll want to hear for sure.Our next […]

Retail growth in wardrobe refresh, a strategy giving retailers the edge and what makes a great loyalty program.

Are you ready for a wardrobe refresh? Your customers sure are! Canadians are buying more jeans again and we discuss the positive impacts of this story on independent retailers. Also, we’ve got a topic that we’ve chatted lots about in the past but for this episode, we have a new take from the Harvard Business […]

The reality of supply shortages, fresh inventory makes for a retail favourite and the view for retail 2021 being better than you think.

Dan dove in for the reality view of a story about supply shortages and some thoughts on what retailers can do to address. You’ll love hearing about this story on a clothing store that gets people travelling hundreds of miles to their physical store. Why? Because it is their favourite! A story about Canadian retail […]

Google for retail partnership, post-pandemic fashion and the signs that retail is going to be ok.

Listen now on SPOTIFY or on APPLE PODCASTS! More moves for Lightspeed as they announce a partnership with Google in a global deal to boost small businesses online. Dan shares some thoughts on what this has to offer. Some positive points brought up as Dan reviews the story talking about the 5 signs that retail […]

Start adapting and thriving, discovering the secrets of art and science of algorithms and feelings in retail

A solid list of 5 ways retailers can currently thrive. The keys not only to survival, but to adapting and thriving. Some art combined with some science. Dan shares his thoughts on Algorithms vs. humans: Who’s better at predicting fashion trends. A really enjoyable story with some different viewpoints were discussed on how small operators […]