Caught in the WEEDS

Caught In The Weeds
Caught in the weeds, putting out fires, so many ideas but no time get stuff done. Are these phrases part of your everyday vocabulary as a retailer?
We have all at times suffered from the “Immagunna” bug.   When I have the time I’m gunna achieve this goal or solve that issue in my business. One of the most demotivating parts of our working lives is falling short of our goals or not achieving the goals we set for ourselves and our business. This is never more evident than at the start of a New Year!  
Here is my encouragement for your retail New Year’s resolutions… GET HELP AND MAKE YOUR RESOLUTIONS ACHIEVABLE!!!
Over the many years what I have observed from great retailers is that they enlist the help of objective voices. It is a Strength, not a weakness to ask for help as a retailer! In my opinion it is impossible to get better if you are not physically wrenched out of your routine to look at your business through someone else’s eyes. Find someone that can wrench you out from time to time and look through different glasses!
When you are building out those resolutions maybe now with the help of an objective voice, set yourself up for small wins! In your first round of goal setting, even if they are the simplest of improvements or tasks, write them down, get them done and give yourself a big pat on the back!! Celebrate your small wins then evaluate and move to the next set … forget the big crazy ones for now and just make them ACHIEVABLE.
Connect with someone, celebrate your small successes and you are already a winner 🙂

Scott Smith
The success of independent retailers has become a lifelong passion for Scott. From his beginnings almost 30 years ago working on the sales floor in a small outdoor store, to today where he is a friend, partner, mentor and coach to so many incredible retailers around the world. Empowering retailers to truly take control of their businesses creates a ripple effect of positivity and happiness with employees, family and community. Retailers are so often the unsung heroes of our communities. It takes great courage and skill to survive in today’s retail business landscape. Scott has found true happiness serving retailers and assisting them in that path to ongoing success.