Five Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Retail Business

We all have to look up and honestly assess where we are in our retail businesses every so often. Sometimes a careful, honest look at what we’re doing and how it’s being done (or isn’t being done) can be the catalyst for big changes.
The Wealthy Retailer Program is designed give independent retailers the tools that they need to survive in modern retail and allow them to begin to compete with the Big Box retailers with confidence. With the assessment of some basics, the retailer is then able to begin to take stock of what they are doing successfully, and where they can learn and grow to take their business to a higher level.
Here are the five questions the Wealthy Retailer Self Assessment session asks retailers to honestly discuss:

  1. Customer Relationship Management
    How do you and your staff deal with the people that choose to shop at your store?
  2. Marketing
    Are you reaching out to the right people through the right channels?
  3. Selling
    How do you and your staff present your value proposition?
  4. Retail Technology
    Are you using the available technology to the fullest capacity?
  5. Cash Flow and Profit
    How healthy is your bottom line and how do you determine that?

Honest, in-depth examination of these questions and the questions they lead to, can bring major revelations that can have an important impact on how you view your business practices. The Retail Consultants at Canadian Retail Solutions can help you assess these points in the Wealthy Retailer Sessions that we present.
Canadian Retail Solutions is proud to be offering sessions from our Wealthy Retailer Program at the upcoming KnowShow in Vancouver, BC (January 14-16, 2015), and SIA Show in Denver, Colorado (January 28-February 1, 2015). During these sessions, each of these questions will be examined in depth to give attending retailers the tools they need to take a serious look at these five very important ways to measure the success of your business.
The CRS team is looking forward to seeing our current clients and meeting new people at these upcoming shows. If you’re not attending and are still interested in the Wealthy Retailer program, please contact us to be added to the Wealthy Retailer Contact list so we can keep you informed about when and where the next sessions or webinars will take place.