Get Your Store On Facebook With One Click With Wishpond and CRS

Canadian Retail Solutions (CRS) has been actively investing and moving into social media as the next step for our retailers. Our first successful effort lets our clients set up a Facebook storefront in minutes.
We has been working with progressive Vancouver company Wishpond to optimize the social media presence of CRS future and present clients. Being able to upload your store directly from your Retail Pro installation to your Facebook page is just the beginning of what Wishpond’s technology can do for our customers.
Using Wishpond’s Go Social Store, we helped our client Monod Sports successfully launch a huge store on their Facebook page with lots of SKUs. The store has been running successfully for over three months. None of the e-commerce takes place on Facebook; customers are taken to your own website to check out. This means no extra fees for running your Facebook store, a whole new audience, and even potential sales through the popular social networking site.
Get a Facebook Storefront Without a Huge Cash Outlay
This is a phenomenal way to jump into the game without spending money on e-commerce and leveraging your Retail Pro POS software to build a fully functional Facebook store. You can even use Go Social to produce coupons and promotions on Facebook, a proven marketing tactic to drive more Facebook traffic to your company page and increase your fan count.
Wishpond costs a fraction of what similar solutions do, and much less than you would think. You can test drive the program with fewer than 100 SKUs free. Up to 5,000 SKUs is $9 a month, and up to 100,000 SKUs is $19 a month. Read more about their plans and pricing here, and contact us to get set up with Wishpond. If you are not a CRS client, we recommend Wishpond and have provided our CRS SPECIAL PRICING promo code CRS-7796 to use when signing up. The promo code will secure an even cheaper annual price for this incredible product. Wishpond brings in product data based on being able to scrape a company website no matter what technology the site is built on or what the POS system is.
Wishpond Works Closely With Facebook, Takes Customers Offsite
Wishpond works closely with Facebook’s developer program to ensure that their products function within Facebook’s rules and guidelines, especially Facebook’s tight privacy rules. The Facebook storefront product doesn’t complete the transaction – it merely acts as a window to the merchant’s website.
Facebook Storefront is Lead Generation Tool
Facebook is a traffic generation tool. What you are doing is showcasing your products on Facebook and leveraging your Facebook fan base, not conducting commerce on Facebook. While sales will inevitably be generated from increased product and brand awareness, a Facebook storefront is a traffic driver, not a magic bullet for instant sales.
Integration with Shopify, Ebay
Wishpond currently integrates with Shopify, Google Merchants, and Ebay for a truly integrated experience. They are also working on integration with a number of similar sites.
Contact Canadian Retail Solutions today to find out more about what Wishpond can do for your business and your Facebook following.