Everything You Need to Run Your Retail Business
From multi-channel inventory and order management to real-time metrics and reporting, Global Payments Retail POS is a robust, end-to-end omnichannel retail management platform – designed for all retail environments.

All-in-One Retail Point of Sale Solution

Global Payments Retail POS is a comprehensive, cloud-based solution that fuels growth as you scale up or down, as needed. From the real-time sales dashboard and staff productivity tracking, to quick item and multi-store inventory lookup, it has everything that retailers need to streamline operations – without breaking the bank.

Inventory and Order Management

Featuring the right tools that retailers need to access inventory in real-time, and place orders across all stores, online and even in a warehouse!

Omnichannel ecommerce integrations

Multi-channel inventory visibility and order distribution

Partial and full inventory counts

Transfer management, including discrepancy feature

Bin location field for warehouse management

Fulfillment alerts on dashboard

Customer Management

Robust CRM tool built right in, to give you a 360-degree view of your customers’ activity across all channels. It delivers everything you need to sync your marketing, loyalty, buying and accounting platforms so you can easily spot trends, make critical decisions and offer a frictionless shopping experience to your customers.

Unmatched Analytics Engine

Remain agile and proactive in the face of dynamic market conditions and gain a competitive edge with real-time data-driven insights from across all channels.

Access up-to-the-minute data from anywhere, on any device

Use custom fields to collect the data most relevant to your business

Assign user-based permissions to access and export data in multiple file formats

Support That’s There For You – 24/7/365

From setup to system consolidation, our Dealer partners are ready to understand your unique requirements and find the solutions that work best for your retail business today – and as your business grows.

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Upgrade Free

With Global Retail’s cloud based retail management platform, you’re always up to date with the latest features. No more painful and expensive upgrades.

Hardware Independence

Reduce IT expenses and use the hardware you want to use, whether it’s a PC, Mac or iPad—or even the hardware you already own.

Manage Inventory

Transfers. Cycle counts. Point in time inventory values. Know exactly how much you own across stores and channels in real time.

Empowered Retailers = Increased Profit

CRS Store

Focused POS

Global Retail POS was built by retailers just like you—retailers that have walked in your shoes.


Global Retail was designed for a growing retailer with complex needs. It was built with omnichannel and mobile in its DNA.

Easy to Use

Global Retail's cloud-based POS automatically upgrades to make maintenance as easy as possible.

Hardware Independence

Reduce IT expenses and use the hardware you want to use, whether it’s a PC, Mac or iPad—or even the hardware you already own.

Are you ready?

Real-time everything

The Global Retail POS system was designed and built for the Cloud. All you need is a web browser. What that means is no “upgrades” or “downloads” or “versions.“ Of anything. Ever. New features, enhancements and more are available to you instantly. And it’s all accessible from any device, on any platform. What’s more, Global Retail gives you access to real-time data, anytime, from anywhere. Whether checking the day’s sales at the airport or looking for a sweater in a size 8, across all stores, while the customer tries on the 6 in the fitting room, driving retail sales and profitability has never been this easy.

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