June Event Ideas

We know how many hats you wear as a Retail decision maker. What Retail events are unique and engage our customer base? Monthly we will throw together some creative minds and post a monthly event ideas. Here are some June event ideas we hope will excite your customers so they visit your store.  In June the focus is on Dad’s and Graduates normally but there is a whole lot more we can do.
An idea that can work with your social media sites is to have a contest where you get everyone to vote with “likes”. One voter is pulled out at random and wins a prize.
June 8 – Best Friends Day – if you buy your friend an outfit you get a discount
June 10 – Iced Tea Day – serve iced tea to your customers
June 14 – Bourbon Day – no event required but worth enjoying
June 18 – International Picnic Day – dress for a picnic with Dad or your sweetheart
June 19 – Father’s Day

  1. Dads and Grads – special gift or discount for Dad or Grad gifts
  2. Get your customers to post pics of “dad” showing how he is the best dad ever on your social sites “tagging” your store to win a prize
  3. Put together window displays that are “dad approved”
  4. Promote the “best gifts for dad” and have shopping lists or displays
  5. Dress up for Dad event

June 24 – Swim a Lap Day – be pool ready with the latest summer fashion
June 29 – Camera Day  -be ready to have your picture taken with a new outfit
End of June 
School’s Out – create an offer to help customers celebrate completing another year of school
Camping Kickoff – get your gear so you are ready for a camping adventure
Summer Holidays – get ready for the days of Summer
Summer Sun – celebrate shorts and dresses and flip flops and sandals
Canada Day
We’d love to see your ideas in the comments below!