Retail Your Way With Retail Pro

1. Needs-Based

Choose Retail Pro to choose a system that understands your needs. With 30 years in speciality retail, we build systems that can adapt to changing trends.

2. Customizable

Our platform can be customized to reflect your business complexity, pace, and strategy as it grows to adapt to market changes.

3. Feature Rich

Retail Pro has a feature rich front POS, great customer management, store opreations, and other tools to help you keep on top of your growing business.

Retail Pro

With a 30-year track record in specialty retail, we understand your retail management needs – and we know your stores today won’t be the same tomorrow. That’s why we created an intuitive, scalable, extensible, completely customizable platform to reflect your business complexity, pace, and strategy as it grows and adapts to market changes. Retail Pro has a feature rich front POS, great customer management, store operations, back office applications, in-depth reporting and analytics along with an extensive catalogue of integrations.

Retail Pro is one of the most powerful Retail Management software packages available. Retail Pro is fully customizable, extensible, and integrable and has customer-centric, consistent retail software tools that help you build engaging shopping experiences at all retail touch points.

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Sales Volume: 500k +
Stores: 1 to 500+
Highlights: Intuitive design that can be customized, server-based & cloud ready, custom document and layout design, easiest purchase order and receiving, E-commerce (Shopify & Magento & more), mobile, customizable reports including dashboards


Retail Pro adapts to your unique requirements through customization. Retail Pro Prism utilizes a scriptable user interface to give you control and flexibility.

Improved Decision Making

Retail Pro Prism uses real-time communication to give you access for decision making. This lets you capitalize on trends within your business.

Impress Customers

Powerful, user-friendly tools enable you to address your store's needs, so you can focus on creating an experience that keeps customers coming back.

Mobilize Your Workforce

Retail Pro Prism is mobile. That means you can free your store associates from their cash wrap counter to transform the sales floor into a point of sale.

Expand Your Retail

Gain the flexibility to grow your operation through Retail Pro. Cover your expansion when you open store two, store 10 or store 1,000.

Unified Commerce

Retail Pro Prism runs your favourite browser to help you engage with customers on the sales floor. Choose Retail Pro Prism for hardware freedom.

Retail Pro (Prism)

Our most flexible POS solution yet.
Our latest retail management software, Retail Pro Prism POS marries Retail Pro 9's comprehensive features with modern architecture and improved flexibility on every level at the POS. Prism delivers outstanding agility, data security, accuracy, and operational control for specialty retailers with reduced hardware and technical support requirements. Seeing is believing. We'd love to show you around the latest Retail Pro version today.

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Point of Sale Software

Retail Pro® software features ease of use and fast, accurate checkouts that reduce human error, and includes POS functions, such as: POS Cash Drawer and Receipt Functions, Instant Customer Data, Item Quantity and Price Lookup, Integrated Credit Card Processing, Layaway and Special Order, and POS Summary Reports.

Customer Relations Functions

Retail Pro® software includes effective tools to Increase Traffic and Create Customer Loyalty, including: Customer Lists and Mailings; Preferred Customer Pricing; and Gift Registry, Mail Order, and Catalog.


Inventory Control Functions of Retail Pro®

The heart of Retail Pro® is a sophisticated inventory control software system which reflects and contributes to activity in every other module.

Retail Pro® includes features such as: Stock on Hand, In Transit, On Order; Purchase Orders, Receiving, and Ticketing; Interstore Transfers and Distribution; Open to Buy Forecaster; Pricing and Markdowns; Reports; Physical Inventory.

Retail Pro's® Special Features

For over a decade, Retail Pro software has developed many special functions to Add Flexibility, and Widen Application.

Retail Pro®'s special features include: Employee and Commission Tracking; Accounting Link to GL, AP, and AR; Multi-Store Management Tools; New or Small Store Option; Data Interchange to Any Other System; and International Retail Capacity.

Retail Pro Tablet Examples