Retail Pro PRISM – Returns

Retail Your Way with Retail Pro Prism

With Prism’s powerful customizable UI you can create desired workflows reflecting your business process and brand without compromises so you can focus on transforming shopper experiences.

Benefits of a modular Platform
  • Freedom from venue/location limitations
  • You decide which modules are deployed across your environments
  • Reap full benefits of consistent UX across platforms
  • Faster and easier to train new staff
  • Workflows optimized for your specific use needs
  • Let your business needs determine your hardware and software environments:
    • Software environment – Windows, iOS, Android
    • Hardware environment – Tablet, touchscreen POS, desktop/all-in-one

Retail Pro Prism – Returns:

Customer returns and exchanges are quick, easy, and painless using RetailPRO Prism. Scan in or search for a customer receipt by date or name, easily view line items from the original transaction, and select what is being returned. RetailPRO will reference the original price, customer account, and applied discounts ensuring the smoothest return process your customer has yet to experience.

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