SEO – What Do You Need to Look For…

This week, Jesse Ringer – the Founder of Method + Metric, an SEO agency that helps companies grow their revenue – is joining The Wealthy Retailer® podcast!

Method and Metric is a micro-SEO agency based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. They work with brands, large and small, to improve their search visibility, increase their reach, and grow their revenue. Results and accountability are two of their core beliefs that flow through everything they do.

Their approach has always been to treat every project like a campsite, leaving it better than they found it. They are a small, closely knit team who work collaboratively and efficiently on digital projects.

To learn more about the work Jesse and his team are doing for businesses like your own, visit:

The Wealthy Retailer is hosted by Dan Holman. Join him as he discusses all the important topics in and around the retail industry, as he chats with retail experts, retail owners, and more!

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