Canadian Retail Solutions CEO launches The Wealthy Retailer™

Canadian Retail Solutions CEO, Dan Holman launches The Wealthy Retailer™. A company dedicated to creating retail “wealth” for independent retailers throughout North America.
When asked why, Holman responded “I have spent more than 25 years on the bipolar roller coaster of entrepreneurialism. Through that time, I have recognized my own peaks and valleys follow the very same peaks and valleys that my community rides every day.  That community is the Independent Retailer.  They are the lifeblood of their community and mine. They are the Soccer Moms and Dads, Hockey Moms and Dads, Sponsors and Supporters – they are building community.  My mission is to help them get strong, obtain financial freedoms and retail WEALTH; The stronger they are, the stronger our communities are.”
And so, the next question, what is retail wealth?
“Retail WEALTH was born in 2013 with the former CEO at Canadian Retail Solutions, Scott Smith. He and I created a successive educational series geared towards the independent retailers in our city. We used the word wealth as an acronym to define what we felt were critical attributes to achieving success in retail. Over the last few years we have used that label in our presentations, seminars and webinars and earlier this year I made the decision to take this idea to the next level and created The Wealthy Retailer™.” He goes on to say “What started as attributes has now become what I believe are the core values or guiding principles for indie retailers.
We define WEALTH as:
Winning; creating a win, win, win environment. A win for the customer, the store and the vendor.
Energized; stores must be energized and to the degree we are able to improve our energy in our stores we improve our customer experience.
Admired; our stores must be admired by customers, vendors, peers and competition. We need them to be admired for their commitment to retail excellence.
Lean; in today’s modern retail world stores need to be lean in every aspect of the business (with the exception of  customer experience). Lean in presentation, lean in expense, lean as in nimble giving us the ability to shift or maneuver as required to continue growing our market-share.
Tenacious; we need to treat setbacks as anomalies and continue charging forward towards our vision.
Happy; happiness is an essential ingredient to our success, current and future. We must celebrate every victory no matter the size. When we attack our business from a place of success (happiness) rather than failure we achieve more – we must focus energy on doing MORE of what we do well! 
Along with these core values, The Wealthy Retailer™ and Holman will continue to partner with retail leader and the foremost authority in merchandise planning, Management One, who’s own “Why” is aligned with Holman’s commitment to improve the indie retailers’ financial position. Holman also comments, they are excited to be partnered with Road 55, a content marketing agency in Edmonton Alberta to bring a “new level” of education to the retailers they work with. When pushed for more detail Holman said “I am over-the-moon excited to launch our Podcast and our Wealthy Retailer game show.” The Podcast will feature retailers, retail experts and analysts. The first podcast will be available mid to late October on all Podcast platforms including Spotify under the Wealthy Retailer banner. As for the game show, Holman says this will be a fun spin on an everyday game show with the questions and answers revolving around retail excellence and delivered in a light-hearted manner connecting with specialty retailers in many verticals.
And so with Holman’s focus on this new chapter what does this mean for his 30 year old Point of Sale business. “CRS is in a very good place, with a great leadership team and a renewed focus on the POS side of the business. Over the last several years we have seen our attention split between POS, consulting, accounting, marketing, etc…  That “etc” has kept our attention from being laser-focussed on the Point of Sale technology that allows our retailers continued evolution. Our GM, Madan Murthy and our leadership team are dedicated to the evolutionary needs of our retailers across North America. We are very excited for our, and their, (retailers) future. Expect to see some exciting updates from Canadian Retail Solutions in the very near future. I will also add,” he says with a chuckle, “I’m not going anywhere! My role as this company’s visionary leader will continue. The day-to-day operations will be left in the very capable hands of Madan and our controller Candice.” Who also happens to be Holman’s daughter. “lol, yes Candice is my daughter. My son Daniel and wife Marlene are also very active in the business. We are much like our clients’ – a family business!”
Holman and his family moved to St Albert AB in 2007. He is the current Chair of the Sturgeon Community Hospital Foundation and a board member with the Economic Sustainability Board in St Albert and a member of the St Albert Rotary Club. It is clear, he is committed to his community and its betterment.
To connect with Dan & The Wealthy Retailer™ visit their website and social platforms.

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