Upgrade Someone’s Happiness

Upgrade Someone’s Happiness
We are big believers in the Happiness Advantage here at CRS. I am also a big believer in a good cup of coffee. How do the two intersect? And what about when you feel grumpy or a couple blocks over from Happy Street?
I partake in coffee It does elevate my happiness Last week I had a morning where I was caught in a TO DO list fog. On the way to work I stopped in a drive thru to fuel up on caffeine. A happy surprise to me, the person in front of me bought my coffee. This lifted my fog and gave me a happy jump start. In turn I paid for the person behind me. I am hoping this continued the ripple effect of this happy jump start.
I think sharing a little kindness can change your day. Does it feel good to be involved in a random act of kindness? It is NICE to be nice. A free coffee jumped my day. This is my encouragement to share some love and let the ripple effect of kindness upgrade someone’s happiness. Something simple like buying someone else a coffee, buying your co-worker a snack, raking your neighbor’s leaves, or in a couple months shoveling your neighbors sidewalk.

Chris Olson is the Sales Manager at CRS. Chris started on the technical side of the business where he installed, trained and supported many CRS clients. Chris has many leather bound books and his home smells of rich mahogany. Chris just celebrated 10 years at CRS and currently lends his technical expertise and passions to support CRS clients in a sales capacity.