Exciting growth and expansion at Canadian Retail Solutions

Exciting growth and expansion at Canadian Retail Solutions
Following some outstanding growth and developments at Canadian Retail Solutions over the past year both in the areas of Inventory Planning and Point of Sale technology, we are very excited to announce some major team developments. CRS is committed to further growth and most importantly supporting and ensuring the success of our valued retailers.
“This year has been one of outstanding results for our retail clients not only to their bottom line profit but also in the development of their systems to ensure sustainability in these unsettled economic times! CRS continues to deliver solutions that give retailers the upper hand in this always changing game of retail and we are very proud to be making a difference” says Scott Smith current CEO of Canadian Retail Solutions Inc.
Like any great team it is critical to have the best players to deliver results. Canadian Retail Solutions delivers results with a commitment to provide the best of the best in experience and skill. We are very excited to announce the following placements:

Dan Holman

CRS Retail Visionary and Director of Retail Planning
Dan joined the CRS Consulting Team having spent the better part of 25 years in the retail and service industries. Specializing in marketing and business development, inventory planning, operations and customer driven sales management, Dan has a true passion and very solid understanding of what it takes to be successful in retail.
Over the past two years Dan has racked up award after award, truly becoming one of the top retail-consulting professionals in North America. Dan has accepted the leadership role for our planning department and the visionary role for the direction of our company.
Dan is a force in the retail industry and the right person to lead CRS in its focus to maximize our client’s profitability and success.

Shannon Shaw

CRS General Manager
An exceptional company requires an operational team and management that truly understands and respects the needs of its valued clients. It goes without saying that our General Manager and operational leader need to be a veteran of retail in every form. Shannon Shaw, our recently appointed general manger is every bit a retail veteran and more!
Shannon has worked in every level of retail across the globe over the past 25 years. From independent to large retail chains, Shannon has held positions of sales leadership to head buyer as well as numerous high-level retail operations management roles.
There is no one better to lead our retail support and service based organization than Shannon!

Chris Olson

CRS Marketing Manager and Client Service Champion
Many of you will know Chris as one of the key members of the CRS team and truly a “Jack of all Trades” in the retail industry! Chris has worked in a number of retail verticals in his career from grocery to service to furniture. Chris spent 7 years at IKEA, there he completed a management-training program learning the importance of technology in running a Retail operation. Chris took this understanding to technical school where he learned the skills that would prepare him for a career in Retail Technology. Chris now has more than 10 years in the Retail Technology field working with small to medium Retail customers at Canadian Retail Solutions. Having spent time in every area of the business, Chris maintains focus on long-term relationships with Retailers, discovering how to use technology to improve their businesses. Chris will be responsible for the CRS’s overall communication programs and customer care. For those of you that have had the pleasure of meeting and working with Chris, you will understand that you will never come across a more caring and empathetic individual. We are blessed to have someone like Chris as the champion for valued retailers!

Kirsten Hynds

Inventory Planner and Retail Coach
Many of our beloved customers know Kirsten from her sales and technical role over the last 10 years at CRS but there is even more to this retail super star…
Kirsten’s wealth of knowledge encompasses all aspects of retail business. In Kirsten’s 18 years in the industry, she has overseen sales, merchandising, marketing, buying, operations and management. Kirsten has been involved in taking businesses from start-up to chain, including hiring, opening new stores, and crafting policy and procedure.
Since 2005, Kirsten has assisted a wide range of retailers in making the best Point of Sale Software choice for their businesses and has helped them use retail technology to their advantage. Building on these years of experience, Kirsten now holds a key role based in Vancouver working one on one with clients as their Inventory Planner, retail coach and values partner.

Michelle Oruski

Inventory Planner and Retail Coach
The newest member of our team Michelle, has been in the retail industry for over 25 years. Her experience consists of sales, sales training, customer service, inventory control, buying, store management, merchandizing, bookkeeping, and human resources. Michelle has owned her own independent retail shop, and worked with large corporations.
When Michelle started as a sales consultant in 1990 at a small sports shop in Saskatoon, they hand wrote receipts for customers. Keeping track of inventory consisted of a lot of physical inventories and noticing when stock was low or high by seeing it on the sales floor. Having seen the evolution of retail technology improve the ability to control inventory and cash flow over the years, Michelle understands the challenges and financial stress of being an entrepreneur, and owning your own business. Michelle is a passionate retail consultant focused on using technology to organize, analyze, evaluate and execute plans that help to create successful retail businesses.
Canadian Retail Solutions is only as good as the sum of its individual parts, as you can see we have an incredible experience base that is ready to partner with you.
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