Do You Really Love Your Customer?

I am truly astounded by the lack of attention to the one and only truth in the Retail World…Demonstrating that the customer is your priority! Maybe I am old and a little crusty, but I believe in the power of a customer centric business. As a retailer, you need to be asking yourself everyday these three key questions:

  1. Is every member of my team customer focused …. Back end to Front ?
  2. Do my sales staff deliver a consistently high level of customer service …. That means everyone?
  3. Does my inventory planning and buying process focus completely around the customer?

So simple and yet the biggest challenge you will face in your business. Loving your customers equally is more than giving away the odd discount to a so called VIP, it is about ….

  1. Treating each and every person that enters your store with respect and a true desire to make them part of your FAMILY!
  2. Making sure everyone in your organization supports this respect for the customer! Encouraging each other to make the effort and to impact everyone that comes into the store with empathy and care… like FAMILY!
  3. Building your merchandise selection and flow so it feeds the customer with the right product at the right time … Just as you would support your own FAMILY, fulfilling their wants and needs!

I implore you to be the retailer that your customer loves like FAMILY!
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