Unplug and Recharge

I am a geek. I can admit it. I work in technology because I love it. I am connected via iPhone, iPad, Mac and PC. There are social media accounts galore, email, phone calls, e-meetings and work to keep me plugged in. I think today many people feel a similar pull. Technology keeps me connected and sometimes what feels like tied down.
Last night I left my cell phone at home by accident and it felt…strange, and then refreshing. This break from the inter-web gave me a moment of pause. I started questioning if I have a bit of a modern day addiction. With this disconnect and my ability to update Instagram with a coffee picture gone, my brain chilled out. I started thinking about my other certified addiction: cruising.
If you know me you know I love a good cruise. The ocean, the people, the food, the experiences. All of this while, for the most part, unplugged from technology. The break it gives me from answering phone calls, and emails, and checking statuses, and updating my social media accounts is freeing. Internet is expensive and very poor quality on a cruise ship so it makes unplugging very easy. But that is not the case at home.
Now how to have some cruise relief without a cruise ship? My thought: leave the phone turned off or at home, to truly get time away and recharge. I did this for a couple hours last night and it was so refreshing. Maybe I can make it through an entire weekend day unplugged…maybe. Maybe you can too. I have to go now because my Apple Watch told me to stand up and get some exercise.