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Gift Card Solution

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Add value and keep customers coming back!

Canadian Retail Solutions and Givex have teamed up to offer a gift card solution to all our customers. This gift-card program is a simple and effective way to increase your sales. Many of our customers have experienced an increase of up to 90% in gift certificate sales as a result!

How does it work?
* Gift cards can be branded with your logo or design.
* Denominations can be ‘pre-set,’ or ‘flexible,’ or a combination of both.
* Activation and redemption occur through POS key-entering, magnetic card reader, bar-code reader, telephone or web interface.
* Cards can be re-used and customer can add value to their card in-store or online.

Who is Givex?
The Givex Corporation is a premiere gift card and loyalty program transaction processor featuring:
* Real-time transaction processing
* Integration with your Retail Pro POS system
* In-store, online and IVR (Integrated Voice Response) transactions
* Reduced fraud and duplicate use
* Declining and reloadable card balances
* Pre-determined or flexible card value
* SKU-based loyalty

Learn more about the CRS Gift Card program.

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