3rd Party Selling for Ecommerce Stores

Screenshot of the homepage of Michelle Houglands website with a picture of Michelle smiling and an excerpt about eBay selling for ecommerce stores

This week, on The Wealthy Retailer®, Dan chats with Michelle Hougland – a successful online entrepreneur with multiple streams of income through ecommerce stores and marketplaces, who now teaches other online entrepreneurs how to reach that same level of success. Being in the industry for 17 years, Michelle launched a digital ebook and online course – Ebay Consignment: The Easy Way – and has taught on many different online platforms, her favorites being her educational Youtube channel and her podcast. 

Listen in on this final episode of the season as Michelle tells us about her journey and shares some insight into her business model and how it helped her become the success she is today!

To learn more about Michelle, visit: https://www.paladinglobalmarket.com/

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