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Your Inventory Says “Date Me!”

No I am not asking you out, although I am sure you are lovely. I am not asking you to guess my age based on my baldness. Nor am I talking about going for tasty food. I am taking about your inventory asking for help with stock analysis and flow. Although you are cool, your…

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There’s a new Sheriff in town… CMROI

There’s a new Sheriff in town… CMROI When it comes to merchandise planning we have always used Inventory Turn and GMROI (gross margin return on investment) to measure our inventory performance. While both are very effective KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) they don’t always give us a true picture on how the CASH invested in that…

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Top Five Ways to Make Your Customer Experience Memorable

There has never been a more vital time in retail to engage and create a novel shopping experience for a customer than now. Our retailers today have plenty to overcome with fierce competition, market saturation, and the growth of online shopping. We need to turn our focus from constantly looking outwardly at those things you…

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