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DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE! Barry Schwartz has a wonderful TED talk titled “The paradox of choice”. One of the significant takeaways from this concept is that too much choice is not always a good thing! Have you heard any of these phrases before: “ I need to properly represent the line” “ Having these items […]

How do you become a WEALTHY Retailer™ – Start with HAPPINESS!

Happy is a choice not a result and a key attribute to becoming a WEALTHY Retailer™ The definition of Happy might be one of the most debated subjects in the history of mankind. Perhaps the challenge in finding a universally acceptable meaning is what makes Happy or Happiness so special. Whether you believe Happy is […]

The current is so strong, it cannot be denied

Trends evolve and become part of our customer’s expectation. Ignoring or fighting them is like swimming upstream against a current stronger than you. Soon exhaustions will set in from the energy you expended and you will succumb and drown. Businesses drown, in spite of good intentions, from misguided beliefs. Energy spent on embracing trends vs […]

Oakridge Mall to Oakridge Living City… are we seeing the birth of Retail Redefined?

I was recently in Vancouver with my wife to see Justin Timberlake, I know, don’t judge.  I may or may not have a little man crush here. While visiting different cities, I love to go shopping.  Not to shop so much as to explore and see what various cities, districts and malls are doing to […]

Difficult Customers Part II – Equal Business Stature

Last time, I spoke about taking the long view with difficult customers, and how it is critically important to keep in mind the lifetime value of the customer when you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to let a customer walk all over you and treat you poorly […]

Constant Sales Growth Goals in Retail: is it toxic?

As specialty retailers and small business owners we judge ourselves. We evaluate the performance of our business and we are looking for constant increases in sales, market share, and our bottom line. Is this constant crave for BETTER/MORE/HIGHER actually toxic to our business and making us perform worse? What is improvement? Improvement can be measured […]

5 Things I Wish I knew about Retail… Before I got into Retail

Clothing Retail?  Sure, I lovvvvve clothes… Retail is a fickle beast.  It can suck the life out of you, or invigorate and inspire you.  It’s really about your perspective on any given day.  Tomorrow is a whole new day with a whole new perspective. Here’s five things I wish I knew about retail before I […]

Why is Cash Margin is a much better indicator of improvement than year over year sales

Why comparing last years sales and margin is NOT effective in evaluating the success of your store! How do you measure the success of your retail business?  For many retailers success means an increase in sales over the previous year…  Or higher sales margins…  Well I hate to burst your bubble – but if those […]