Barry Schwartz has a wonderful TED talk titled “The paradox of choice”. One of the significant takeaways from this concept is that too much choice is not always a good thing! Have you heard any of these phrases before:
“ I need to properly represent the line”
“ Having these items in the store helps sell other products”
“ If we don’t have a complete size run we will miss a sale”
“ Without a full order from this vendor we won’t be able to merchandise the store to standard”
Yes, these are all valid points but at the same time they can be excuses!  As buyers the safest bet is often to throw a wide net, bringing in a wide range of products to make sure something hits. This approach can create cash flow issues and often result in TOO MUCH CHOICE for your customer.  
When you approach your next buys think about the limited time your customers have and how bombarded with choices they are in every facet of their lives. Be their champion by making the tough decisions, using your expertise to find them the best of the best. Your customer will pay a premium price for the work you have done to make their lives easier!

Scott Smith
The success of independent retailers has become a lifelong passion for Scott. From his beginnings almost 30 years ago working on the sales floor in a small outdoor store, to today where he is a friend, partner, mentor and coach to so many incredible retailers around the world. Empowering retailers to truly take control of their businesses creates a ripple effect of positivity and happiness with employees, family and community. Retailers are so often the unsung heroes of our communities. It takes great courage and skill to survive in today’s retail business landscape. Scott has found true happiness serving retailers and assisting them in that path to ongoing success.