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Your Customers Are Making You Crazy! Don’t Take it Personal. Think Lifetime Value.

As a specialty retailer it’s so easy to feel betrayed by your customers. Even your most loyal customers can burn you. After all, how many times have you gone the extra mile for a customer only to have them show up at your store to return that specialty wetsuit that you bent over backwards to […]

Calling All Independent Retailers: Your 5 Must-Dos for Successful Seasonal Transition

Navigating the seasonal transition is a tricky situation. As independent retailers, we are wrapping up the old season and planning for the new season–there are a lot of things to consider! These 5 things are our MUST-DOs for a seamless transition. Evaluate Existing Merchandise In the excitement of the new season, It’s easy to sweep […]

The 2018 Retail Showdown: Black Friday vs Boxing Day

The 2018 Retail Showdown: Black Friday vs Boxing Day Which of the two biggest days for sales will reign supreme? By Chelsea Rho, Account Lead, FKA Lest you’ve been living an idyllic hunter-gatherer lifestyle in the northern reaches of this country, you’ve likely noticed the ascent of Canadian Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions from […]

Your Bridge to the Future is NOW!

Look at Instagram, email marketing, videos, Facebook, and new and emerging social media. All have given new startups and incumbent retailers a phenomenal new path to be a part of their customers lives, every day. There are thousands of what we call “garage front” retailers. Fast Fashion and the Internet have created an easy access […]

Why Retail Businesses Fail

Today’s post is a summary of our latest Canadian Retail Solutions white paper “Why Retail Businesses Fail”. Download the full report. Over our 25 years of experience in retail we’ve seen the same common mistakes derail countless businesses. As consultants, we want to give you the tools you need to make sure the amazing potential […]

Top Five Ways to Make Your Customer Experience Memorable

There has never been a more vital time in retail to engage and create a novel shopping experience for a customer than now. Our retailers today have plenty to overcome with fierce competition, market saturation, and the growth of online shopping. We need to turn our focus from constantly looking outwardly at those things you […]

Google Your Store

How do people find your store today? Customers may use their iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet, laptop or car but they ultimately will use a search engine to find you. Google is the GIANT. Estimates range between 65 and 70% of all searches are made with Google. There is a reason that the company name is also […]

June Event Ideas

We know how many hats you wear as a Retail decision maker. What Retail events are unique and engage our customer base? Monthly we will throw together some creative minds and post a monthly event ideas. Here are some June event ideas we hope will excite your customers so they visit your store.  In June the focus is […]