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The Wealthy Retailer® Founder Dan Holman – Covid-19 Disruption

We are in a very fluid, ever changing environment BUT a few things will remain constant….
Decisions: You have made and will continue to make decisions in and about your business, that’s a given. What is important to recognize is, we are making these decisions with the information we have at the time. As things are changing so very quickly the decision we made last night may need to be changed this am – AND THAT’S OK! Here is an example: As I have said to many of you “until a higher authority than me comes and locks my door, I am open for business” – well, that decision may be taken away from me and I will need to adjust – just as you are doing right now. It is OK for you to change your mind, your strategy and the decisions you are making minute by minute – this is a luxury for us as lean, nimble organizations. I am imploring you to continue making and changing decisions based on what is best for you, your team and your community. Retail Insider is reporting this am; by end of day today the decision to stay open will be taken away from us and that will require action…
Actions: Every decision we make requires ACTION! If you have already made the decision (or are making it this am) to close your store, you now need to take action to stay connected AND SELLING! There are a ton of great examples of how to do this. Here is just one from Hye Fashion in Edmonton. Janel is rising above the fear, anxiety and panic by delivering a great message (with a smile, not tears) for her customers. AND she has created a way for her customer to book and appointment in person or virtually to continue supporting her business – Love you Janel!!
The Noise: OMG!! There is a TON of noise right now – you must turn on a filter. Do not be dragged down by the media, by haters or anything else that is pulling you away from being a GREAT leader for your business – a leader that ensures you will be here tomorrow. Choose to listen, follow and be educated by sources that are relevant to you and your business. Lean hard on me, my team and our partners:
Management One continues to share great information and adds new relevant info every day including more webinars – Learn MORE;
Bob Negen & Whizbang! Training is sharing information, action and support every day. Join their facebook group – Learn MORE;
The Boutique Hub: Ashley Alderson and her team are supporting their Boutiques with some great information – Learn MORE;
Canadian Retail Solutions & The Wealthy Retailer® – we are staying informed, positive and action-driven! You can text/call (587-784-3404) or email me ANY time of day! I am a pretty good listener, highly opinionated and want only the best outcome for YOU!
Remember – no business has ever survived by cutting expenses alone, we must drive to survive! Revenue is KING and trumps all – figure out how to get selling.
We got this!