Customer Service: Little Things Go a Long Way

Customer Service: Little Things Go a Long Way.

A little love for your customers can go a long way in creating a brand experience. This story is about how one small beverage made such an impression on me, it influenced my decisions as a consumer.
Over the Christmas season I was shopping with my wife, and the store we were at offered us eggnog. It wasn’t a huge expense to the store, but it went a long way in making our shopping experience better – it was seasonal, refreshing, and a small token for stopping by. It made me feel cared for as a customer, and when I need clothing now, I think of that store first and foremost. That’s great brand loyalty.
Obviously, we’re having a blazing start to summer out west, and the sun and warmth don’t exactly say, “I’m really craving some eggnog right now!” Luckily, the consumer experience I had wasn’t because of the eggnog, but the customer service I received in general. It could be lemonade, chocolate, a small gift, or even a simple glass of water.
That being said, I made my first (and shortly after, my second) pitcher of iced tea this weekend. I’m sure I’m not the only one who associates heat with such a delicious beverage. In case iced tea fits the bill for what you want your customer service program to be, I’m sharing my favourite recipe below.
The Perfect Summer Iced Tea
– 6 tea bags (3 orange pekoe, 3 Earl Grey)
– 1/8 tsp. baking powder
– 2 cups boiling water
– 6 cups cold water
– ¾ cup sugar (or sugar substitute, such as agave syrup)
– 1/3 cup lemon juice
Instructions: In a large pitcher, place the tea bags, baking soda (to cut the bitterness), and boiling water. Steep for 14 minutes. Remove the tea bags, add sugar (to taste), and mix. Add the cold water, and lemon juice (to taste). Chill, serve, and enjoy!
Who likes Iced Tea? Everyone? I love the stuff and it reminds me of summer! Although my taste buds might be different than yours listen to my consumer story to hear how an iced tea experience can build loyalty and a memorable shopping experience for your customers.

Chris Olson is the Sales Manager at CRS. Chris started on the technical side of the business where he installed, trained and supported many CRS clients. Chris has many leather bound books and his home smells of rich mahogany. Chris just celebrated 10 years at CRS and currently lends his technical expertise and passions to support CRS clients in a sales capacity.