Embracing the new Reels feature, retailers teaming up and ensuring a focus on freshness and sell thru.

Get ready for new the new Instagram Reels feature that will allow you to view products, to buy or save for later. The benefits retailers need to consider.
We discuss a story about retailers banding together, getting creative and working to drive sales; the one thing that is going to get them through this.
A Q&A story with the bold quote of ‘there is no retail apocalypse, Dan shares his thoughts here. He also shares some great info about retail metrics, focused on Freshness & Sell Thru.
Plus another great story about independent retailers working together…in this case a website called ‘Not-Amazon’.
The Wealthy Retailer is hosted by Dan Holman. Join him as they discuss all important topics in the retail industry. He chats with retail experts, retail owners and more.
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