iWatch says Retail Redefined

iWatch says … Stand Up

iWatch says …Sit Down

iWatch says … Retail Redefined

The Canadian Retail Solutions office was all a buzz this past week when a sexy white package arrived at our front door for our beloved sales manager Chris Olson … you got it!! It was the long anticipated little package of joy … His new iWatch ! What followed was nothing short of euphoria, throwing our office and those surrounding into what could only be compared to a 5 year olds birthday party complete with a jumping castle and pony rides. Such joy and excitement and the highlight… the watch will even tell you when to stand up!! Because you are apparently a slothful beast according to those wonderful Apple algorithms.
With such anticipation, such excitement, such emotion… can we even imagine what Apple’s impact will be as it now enters not only the ground breaking retail classification of wearable technology but FASHION! Apple has truly redefined the retail experience driven predominantly by its own technology … Now with one incredible step Apple has added sporting goods and jewelry reseller. Let’s make no mistake, times continue to change and Apple continues to redefine our experience in Retail.
The clear message to all of us in the Retail world… Embrace change, be energized by change, be excited by change and be challenged by change!

Scott Smith is a certified Winning@Retail™ consultant at CRS. Scott has worked with retailers for over 20 years on the sales floor, through all levels of retail management, operations, and marketing.