What can Retail Pro Prism do for your business?

Peace of Mind in your Technology
If you are our average client, you are an established retailer, well versed in using Retail Pro
Version 8 with 5-15 years of experience. Chances are over that time period you’ve suffered, or
come close, to the stomach-in-throat stress of your computer hardware physically failing,
getting hit with malware or viruses, or worse.
As your Windows XP, Windows 7, and Windows 8 machines become older and older, the
likelihood of these unfortunate outages only increases.
Retail Pro Prism means modern, Windows 10 primary systems. Retail Pro Prism means
Windows, MacOS, or iOS selling stations. Retail Pro Prism means, modern, reliable technology.
Mobility & More.
If you are our average client, you have been tied down to your Windows based Retail Pro install
inside of your store. If the need arises, you are forced to connect remotely through Microsoft
Remote Desktop, sharing a system that is in use by staff inside the store.
Retail Pro Prism means mobility. Retail Pro Prism means staff armed with iPhones & iPads on
the sales floor checking on-hand inventory and taking special orders for a customer for
products that are currently out of stock, right where they stand. Retail Pro Prism means
inventory management through partial inventory count scans throughout the week or month,
scanned wirelessly into the Prism Companion App for iOS. Retail Pro Prism means unimpeded
access from home, a trade show, the coffee shop, or the beach.