How to Set Up a POP UP Shop

Pop-up Store Part 2: The Check List
So you have decided a pop-up store is right for your business, now it is time to consider the key requirements.
Lets look at the 5 things to remember when planning and preparing a pop-up store, in no particular order:

  1. SMILE
    No matter how tough the event is on you, your staff or your family. You made the choice and you are now more than ever showing the true character and culture of your store. Make it fun, interactive, go the extra mile to LOVE your customer! Happiness and fun first then the sales will come.
    One of the first considerations is the impact on your own bricks and mortar storefront. Be careful to ensure that you are not simply taking business away from your own location. pop-ups are a great way to test new market locations but not at the expense of your own! Although marketing is KEY for a pop-up store choosing a highly visible location with enough retail space is very important and allowing the sale to remain in place long enough for it to be seen by potential customers regularly.
    It is the little details that make the difference with a pop-up store. Think about what goes into making your daily customer service work in your store and do your best to follow that same system… Cash floats, Credit and Debit card system, change rooms if needed, bags, hang racks, body forms and signage. Make lists of required tasks and DO THEM WELL IN ADVANCE! Time flies and these little details can make all the difference.
    Budgets are always tight for such pop-up events but you need to market and build up the excitement and anticipation of the event. Street signage, local newspapers are all great but today it is all about getting the word out via social media. Again make sure you are not jumping in at the last minute make sure you give the event as much exposure as you can afford.
    This is where your POS system is critical! So many businesses throw the inventory control rules out the window in the name of a pop-up sale and at the same time throw any chance of being successful out at the same time. Most good POS systems will allow you to expand or change your configuration for a remote sale and subsequently allow you to control and report on your inventory the same way you would on any given day. Measure the cost of this sale by reviewing sales performance, sales person analysis to see who are your strongest pop-up team members, look at vendor margins to see where you profit came from and don’t forget to build a cost profile outside of your normal business practice to break out the actual cost of putting on the show.

With this list, you can be more prepared for a successful pop-up store. If you have any questions or concerns about making you pop-up store a success, the consulting staff at CRS will be happy to talk you through some of the finer points. If you’re wondering if a pop up store is right for you, review Part 1 of this series – Self Analysis: Should I Do a Pop Up Store?

Scott Smith is a certified Winning@Retail™ consultant at CRS. Scott has worked with retailers for over 20 years on the sales floor, through all levels of retail management, operations, and marketing.