Moving Your Retail Store

Moving your retail store to a new location is never an easy task. Utilize this checklist to ensure your transition is as smooth as possible!

1. Create a timeline for your move! Include deadlines, milestones, closing/opening dates and share this timeline with all of your stakeholders so everyone is aware of the plan.

2. Communicate the project and the timeline to your staff and partners. Get them involved – help them understand the benefits of moving, gain their support, and overcome any issues with new challenges that may arise in the new location.

3. Do a PI count before packing your inventory. 

4. Take an inventory of your store equipment, hardware and furniture that will be included in the move. 

5. Identify your contractor’s list (ie: decorators, electricians, IT technicians, movers, etc.). Contact each and create a schedule based on availability and your timeline. 

6. Contact utility companies. Communicate your moving day and verify that all services will be transferred to the new location, and cut off services to the old one.
– Power/Gas/Water
– Garbage Disposal
– Phone
– Internet

7. Design and apply a marketing campaign as far in advance as possible to reach your customers and communicate this upcoming change. Keep them updated before, during and after the move, alerting them to any service disruptions. 

8. Communicate new business location information to all stakeholders and business partners. 

9. Update new business location information on all digital marketing platforms, including Google My Business, social media, and your website. 

10. Ensure all personal items are clearly labeled, and separated or removed prior to packing up office equipment. 

11. Distribute tasks among staff. These can include (but are not limited to):
– Inventory Count at old location
– Packing Inventory and Equipment
– Unpacking Inventory and Equipment
– Inventory Count at new location
– Equipment/computer installation

12. Obtain and distribute keys and/or ID’s for the new location. 

13. Do a final walkthrough of the new location BEFORE equipment and inventory is moved in.

14. Create a store layout plan and communicate it with all staff for set up. 

15. Move your equipment and inventory to the new location.

16. Take inventory of the equipment at the new location prior to it being set up according to the store layout plan. Note any damaged or missing items.

17. Do a final walkthrough of the old location to ensure nothing has been left behind. 

1. Check and test all light switches, the alarm and water sources to ensure everything is on and working correctly.

2. Set up computers and all POS equipment. Verify your internet connection on all equipment – ethernet and Wi-Fi. 

3. Verify that all terminals can log into your CRM and applications. Perform a “Test Sale” and “Test Return” on all your POS terminals.

4.Check and test all peripheral equipment:
– Pinpads
– Printers
– Scanners
– Drawers
– Displays

5. Check that all merchandise is displayed as desired.

6. Do a full meeting with your entire team. Review the results of the move and discuss the next steps.